Saturday, February 5, 2011

"someday" definition..
 an indefinite future date
This could be taken two different ways; an indefinite future or an indefinite date. Neither of which seem extremely pacifying. So, when putting forth a promise of "someday", don't act surprised when that person to which you have done this to is uneasy about a few things.
 On a different note...
Oliver Pippin, my three month old rat, has a respiratory infection. The way we have treated her makes her sound like a human infant almost: trips to the drug store at one a.m. for pedialyte and organic baby food, doctor exams, daily antibiotics, etc. The trip to the vet was the most interesting experience I believe I have ever had with Seattle public transit. The bus from downtown to across the water..ultimately leaving us at a family run diner (not quiet the planned destination), left us three girls with migraines and clothes reeking of second hand whiskey breath and bus. Yet with all of my senses being on a general overload, all I could think of was Oliver. With her in a shoebox and the shoebox on my lap, I could feel her heartbeat against the walls and soon it felt like what I had in the box was really just a live heart...And speaking from experience, when traveling with live hearts, don't take a bus. Pay for the taxi.

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