Sunday, February 27, 2011

The ".com" Romance

So there is this new site called like-a-little. Where do I begin in explaining, good heavens to Betsy.

Library 2nd floor, female, blond hair: In a pink dress and lacy tights. You are stunning. We've been friends for a while but I haven't had the courage to tell you how I feel. I like you. <3

Lists and lists of these written by and dedicated to Seattle U students only. They are not all as polite as the above example.
On Thursday, my laundry status limited me to Maxwell's cub scout shirt. The result:

Bistro, Female, Brunette: You were wearing yellow boots and the boy scout shirt. You helped me make copies one time. You deserve a merit badge for copying and for being so damn sexy. Lets get together and start a fire ;)

What?? Ha ha...excuse me??

Keep in mind that these are completely anonymous, so I have no idea who this prancer is. To me, this means no more than some vagabond on the corner whistling as I walk by, especially with the "start a fire" comment. Girls are flattered by this? The generation amazes me.
I remember reassuring conversations with my mother after a terminated relationship. We talked about how great Seattle would be..The strong independent lady she is; reminding me I don't need any man. The hopeless romantic I am; Flowers are so cheap at the market, how will there not be romance everywhere?!

Well for those of you who don't live in Seattle: Don't be fooled...just because there is a famous 3 block market with one whole side nearly dedicated to selling beautiful cheap bouquets of flowers....does not, let me restate this for emphasis,  does NOT, mean that the lovely handsome men you bump into will buy them for you. Unless you count your father. Flowers he bought me in October still sit atop my counter.

Maybe it's because everyone is busy flirting via .coms, who knows...
I'm so glad I don't have to take a class on relationships. My GPA would suck.


  1. Love the merit badge comment. I would really want to know who that was.

    And your mom (as mom's usually are) is correct: you do not need a man to be happy. BUT and this is a big BUT bigger than my BUTT, remember that humans are social creatures with a natural inclination to bond in pairs. As I told a good friend who lost her husband to a premature death, there is nothing wrong with the search for love, ever; it's beautiful, innate, soulful. Just don't sell yourself out in the process.

    Max just sort of constantly is there, isn't he? A boy scout shirt--is there a medal for long-term friendship?

  2. I think that all came out wrong--my girlfriend was back in the dating pool a couple of years after her husband's death. There had been some kind of crazy relationship in the meantime and she was toying with NOT ending it when she should.

    Plus there was a typo.

    And your mother has fabulous hair.

    Oh, I ramble.